ArtPark (Limited)提供高質素、多元化的美術及手工藝課程給本港中小學、特殊教育團體、在職人士、親子活動、興趣小組和私人班。我們公司專門設計及任教切合個別學生的年紀、能力、學習目的、喜好和脾性的美術教材,以下是我們度身訂做的課程項目:
此外, 我們亦專門兒童藝術課程, 引導學生, 按其喜好、能力、性格、創意、奇想編寫度身設計的視藝比賽、考試及興趣班的教材, 詳情請參看「課程資料」。

ArtPark (Limited) is dedicated in providing high-quality, diversified art and craft curriculums to schools, special education centers, N.G.O. organizations, team-building projects, parent-child art activities, hobby classes and private lessons. Our company specifically designs the art and craft programs suitable for the age, abilities, learning purpose, preferences and temperament of our students. Our tailor-made curriculums include the following aspects:
Drawing, Polymer clay, Ceramics, Pottery, Painting, Porcelarts, Silver clay , Mosaics and miscellaneous handicrafts
Together with our art programs for schools, corporations and organizations ...


課程總監老師於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術系碩士畢業, 並獲得知名的國際美術牌子Padico及 Art Clay Silver鑒定為合資歷講師。多年來, 旅居歐洲˴加拿大˴澳洲, 吸收跨國優秀的美術和文化, 回港後, 在過往8年為多間本港中小學˴ 特殊教育團體˴ 在職人士班編寫美術課程和任教, 任教的學生曾獲大型的繪畫和黏土比賽奬項。

Our Program Director, Miss Wong, is a graduate of Master of Arts (Fine Art) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Additionally, she is officially approved as the certified instructors of well-established international handicrafts brands, including Padico and Art Clay Silver. In order to broaden her diverse art and culture perspectives, Miss Wong widely traveled and resided in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia

在2020年前, 全球四大會計師行EY管理高層表示 ,人工智能會削減聘請50%核數和會計系的畢業生。與此同時, 根據2017年Fortune財富雜誌, BlackRock (華爾街最大的資產管理公司) 及最大的對沖基金創辦人Ray Dalio正以機械人取代股票交易員, 預計在2025前, 金融業將會以電腦取代10%的人手, 意味着230000名員工將會失業。
由全球四大會計師行, 以至乎華爾街的股票經紀˴基金經理等傳統的專業, 正在被人工智能(AI)取代而削減人手, 究竟我們的孩子現在要必備哪些技能, 才能避免被人工智能及同業者淘汰呢? ...

Graduate recruitment at auditors and accountants could fall by as much as 50% by 2020 due to the impact of artificial intelligence, according to a top executive of "Big Four" accountant EY (Oscar, 2016).
Meanwhile, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager in Wall Street, laid off human stock-pickers and replaced them with robots. Meanwhile, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Ray Dalio, has been investing in AI technology related to trading. By 2025, financial institutions will replace ...